Couples Therapy

Relationships go through many stages (similar to a baby growing to be an adult) and some of these stages can bring on difficulties that may be hard for the couple to handle. Most couples seek therapy when there is some discord in their relationship. What often starts of as a discord or conflict can result in feeling disconnected, dissatisfied and unfulfilled.

Seeking couples therapy can help bridge that gap, leading to not only relational growth but also individual growth. And often, this can transform the disconnect into deep connection, fulfillment, and satisfaction. It may be one of the most valuable investments that you might make in your life.

Working with couples is one my most treasured specialties. Our work together can help partners recognize, respect and support each other. This can help you as a couple deal with your differences by helping you find healthy ways of communication that helps enhance your intimacy and closeness.

I have helped many couples
• Bring balance between relationship and career.
• Enhance intimacy and closeness.
• Overcome challenges related to Inter-racial relationships and marriages.
• Find healthy ways to communicate in the relationship.
• Address difficulties with sexuality, parenting and dealing with in-laws.
Heal relationship after an affair.
Recover from grief and loss.

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