Individual Therapy

During their lifetime, people go through many changes. Though not all changes are detrimental, some changes can be hard to manage. Working with me, you will find a partner/guide that will help you explore, find your inner strength and natural ability to grow in a healthy way to:

• Cope with life transitions
• Maintain fulfilling relationships.
• Deal with anxiety, depression, anger or sadness.
• Surmount unresolved issues from the past.
• Create balance between personal needs and needs of others.
• Overcome significant changes in life including marriage, birth of a child, death of a loved one, a serious illness or health problem and financial difficulties.

I am passionate about guiding and empowering people in creating a fulfilling life filled with compassion and acceptance of self. This, I believe can promote growth in a fundamental level. I believe that every person is resilient and has the capacity to overcome setbacks.

My interactive role is warm, caring and goal oriented at the same time. I see it as offering support and to explore and provide the strategies and tools that will work for you.

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