My Approach

Would you like to..

  • Have Harmony, Balance and Movement in your life?
  • Create the life you want?
  • Imagine possibilities and live a fulfilling life?
  • Discover who you are and live life being that person?
  • Have purpose in your life and move towards it?

My vision is to help people create harmony and balance in their life. I have success in helping people mobilize their stuckness and creating a life that you have always dreamed of. Living your life in sync with your vision makes a fulfilling life.

My goal is to help you

  • Discover the kind of life you want and help you move towards it.
  • Make positive changes in your lives that are both energizing and long lasting.

I integrate coaching and psychotherapy in my practice giving my clients an added advantage to help them not only resolve their problems but also evaluate and help them reach their full potential. Additionally it enables me to  identify the challenges clients face in their life and define an action plan to help accomplish their goals and dreams. This unique combination allows me to lend a helping hand to my clients to achieve short and long term ambitions.

My approach is catered to the individual needs of my clients. My style is interactive, empathetic and respectful. In a collaborative environment, I help clients deepen understanding, attain healing and discover skills that leads to a fulfilling life.  I also believe in a holistic approach that includes encompassing body, mind, spirituality and emotions.

To evaluate whether you will benefit from therapy or coaching or both, please contact me to set up an introductory free phone consultation.

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