Life Coaching

Life coaching is based on the idea that all human beings have unlimited potential, abilities to discover these potentials and the capabilities to achieve newer goals. It is a practice of identifying individual’s natural strengths, potentials, creativeness and resourcefulness to define and achieve short and long term goals in life. Coaching provides the tools and support to quickly produce the desirable results.
Life coaching is for people who are truly ready to create a successful life for themselves. A life coach has the tools to help make the radical improvements in client’s life by focusing on the current situation, discovering the obstacles or challenges and choosing a course of action to achieve the newer goals. By doing so, a life coach focuses on producing quick and effective results that far exceeds the outcome in comparison to the ones achieved by the clients on their own.
Life coaching is a recent, new and popular profession for people that don’t feel the need of psychotherapy but would like some guidance in achieving their goals.

What to expect from our coaching sessions?
As your life coach, I bring a wealth of knowledge from combining my experience as a coach and psychotherapist. Often times clients hit on therapeutic issues in coaching and most coaches don’t have the training or skills to assess or recognizes these issues as they arise. I bring empowering therapy skills into coaching sessions when it is appropriate for the client to move forward beyond the healing stage into the action stage. I have also worked and coached high functioning executives and individuals who are motivated in expanding and conquering their vision of life.
Our first session will be a two hour session where we will spend a lot of time getting to know who you are, what you want and what your goals are. We will create and design how we will work together in order to make our coaching relationship supportive, nurturing, powerful, successful and empowering.
As a life coach, I do both in–person as well as over the phone coaching. The coaching sessions are 2 to 3 times a month with each session lasting 40 minutes. We may use email as means of communication.
I specialize in coaching for

  • Career Improvement – Goal oriented methodology to achieve career dreams
  • Fulfilling Relationships – Overcoming relationship issues to create a harmonious life
  • Successful Life Transitions – Create clarity while finding your true calling
  • Overcoming Obstacles – Identifying strengths to overcome challenges
  • Spiritual Development – Aligning mind, body and soul

As a life coach I see my clients as naturally creative, resilient, resourceful with unlimited possibilities. My goal is to help my clients

  • Achieve their goals and dreams
  • Define timeline and action plan to overcome challenges
  • Identify and solidify their strengths
  • Create a fun, rich and fulfilling life

Please contact me for a free sample session and more information about my style, and format of working.


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