Can Therapy/Coaching Help?

Yes, therapy can absolutely help. It can help provide relief from symptoms that most causes most people to seek help in the first place. From there on, it can deepen your understanding of yourself and allow you to access the deeper wisdom and knowledge that you posses, using them as your assets. It allows you to approach life situations from this place of wisdom and calmness, thereby leaving you less affected by the storms. It helps in creating alertness, focus, allowing you to become alive and live a fulfilled / fulfilling life. It helps you create a life that you want, accessing your full potential and doing what you want at your most powerful.

To get the most benefit from therapy, it requires effort and commitment from both you as a client and me as your therapist/coach. It also requires you to be honest and open with yourself first and then with me. My job is to create a safe and conducive place for that to happen most effectively. Together, thorough our collaborative efforts, we will work not only towards symptom relief but also also work towards insight, harmony, balance, and wisdom

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